With the global youth population standing at 1.2 billion, the online and social media have become platform to uproar their voice on an issues which they faced. This is now a modern days social platform which significantly used by young people. While 3.2 billion people (43% of the global population) were connected in 2015, Internet is only accessible to 35% of people in developing countries. The words “social media” first started to be used in 2005.Social media not only means for texting the messages but also it means for communication, interaction and global participation. But these young people are really know the actual meaning of social term of “SOCIAL MEDIA”   Generally participation starts from engagement in local communities which motivates further engagement. Local civic achievements are a gateway for future involvement in national and global issue. The relationship between social media use and youth participation in social movements is  not clear-cut. Indeed, young people’s use of social media is diverse. It is observed that the social media’s civic engagement not had accelerated to actual participation in social movements. Since those who already engage in social civic movements had leads to more social media use. Most of the time young people using it for relational space. It is conclude that the use of social media most of the time consumed space for news whether it’s offline or online. The total number of social media users are not frequently participated in social movements. The social media play a role of content sender of social movement programs as since it is mobilising an individual to participate in the programs. That’s why young people’s civic engagement participation are needful. The young people have to use  social media platforms to mobilise their surrounding  social issues. With the power of social media the social issue could be able to demonstrate to other country and could get spread as mass activism around the world. According to Brennan, a the contributions of young people to community development have often been overlooked or underestimated, even though it is known that community and resiliency (the capacity to cope under stress) contribute significantly to the well-being of youth. The young people has to bring solution to the problems of social issues which ultimately be helpful for the communities. More simply, strong communities are needed to promote youth resiliency and vice versa. Communities can benefit from youth participation in the identification of problems and solutions relevant to the community as a whole. Young people active involvement in civic action creates bonding between community members and young people. So that young people act as catalyst for civic social movements. Research has shown that young people participation help to develop  them in community leaders who sustain further efforts for  development of community in long terms. Furthermore, youth civic engagement can enhance the democratic process by bringing new energy, ideas and perspectives into the community.
The young people participation will help solutions to social and civic problems and inequalities. It will create strong community networks. The participation of young people will help them to recognise as contributors to the development of their community. It will enhanced democratic governance with participatory decision making. That’s why young people participation necessary for renewal and sustainability of community development.
In order to address the social injustices in the eighteenth and nineteenth century of those time, there was use of military for all concerns. In order to shift it from military that time a solution adopted known as civic engagements and community services. Now in twenty first century social media platform must get emerge as modern civic engagement and community services for social injustice and social movements.

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